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Magazine Delivery

At Garners News we pride ourselves on offering a reliable, professional and cost-effective newspaper and magazine service.

Magazines are a great addition to your newspaper delivery. They allow you to enjoy a greater depth of reading throughout the week or even help gain more knowledge with your interests. With over 3000 titles to choose from, we have the perfect magazine to suit every interest, hobby or idea!

With a magazine subscription you can enjoy the latest addition of your favourite magazine without even having to thing about getting to the shops to purchase it!

Start Your Magazine Subscription

Start your magazine subscription right away and have it delivered with your next newspaper. Simply contact our team today and we will arrange this for you.

We offer local deliveries across Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. Which is operated out of our two delivery hubs based in Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells. Whether you live in town or more rurally, if you are within our delivery service we will be with you rain or shine. Use our postcode checker to see if we deliver to your address.

Garners News Delivery Service:

  • Deliveries carried out by adult drivers
  • Recommended newspaper & magazine delivery company
  • Over 1800 customers use our services across the local area
  • New customers can trial our services for 8 weeks with no delivery charge
  • No obligation subscription - stop and start you deliveries anytime
  • Cost-effective, quality service

Get in Touch

Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our magazine subscription service or if we stock your favourite title.