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Welcome to Garners News, we are an independent, family-run business in its fourth generation. We provide a reliable newspapers delivery service in Sussex.

With extensive industry experience, we understand the essential elements needed to provide a professional and high-quality service. We have a dedicated team of adult drivers who execute our newspaper rounds with efficiency and professionalism.

We operate from two local hubs in Sussex, Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells. Our delivery coverage includes: Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Eastbourne, East Dean, Friston, and the surrounding Sussex and Kent regions.

At Garners News, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of national newspapers. These include: the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, i-Daily, Daily Express, and The Times. In addition to these, we provide various local newspapers like the Eastbourne Herald, Westerham Chronicle, and Tunbridge Wells Courier.

Explore our extensive collection of over 3000 magazine titles—contact us to inquire about your favorite one!

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Why Have Your Newspaper Delivered?

  • Screens and technology inundate us in the modern day. Take a moment away and enjoy a physical paper.
  • We offer an incredibly cost-effective delivery - carried out by our efficient drivers.
  • Our early morning newspaper delivery ensures your daily paper is ready for you when you wake up.
  • A newspaper allows you to keep up with current affairs and read about an array of subjects in one place.

Guaranteed Delivery

Our skilled adult drivers will deliver your paper in your local area, no matter the weather—rain, snow, or shine.

We aim to make our process as simple as possible for you. One way of doing this is by setting up hassle-free direct debits for payments. We can accommodate holidays and breaks away from your delivery service. Simply fill out one of our holiday forms at least 24 hours' before your next delivery.

To learn more about our services or to sign up, please reach out! You can start right away by visiting our sign-up form or calling us at 01323 465511.

Garners News

Founded in 1926 by Horice Garner, Garners News started as a local newsagents in South Street, Eastbourne. Initially, Horice provided a small delivery service to the local neighborhood.

During World War II, his son, Jack, took over and expanded the delivery service. In 1981, Jack passed the reins to his son Michael. Michael managed the shop until 2007 when his son Will assumed control. Under Will's leadership, Garners News has evolved into the multi-location delivery service it is today.

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