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Newspaper Subscription Sevenoaks

Newspaper Subscription Sevenoaks

8 Week Free Delivery Trial

Welcome to Garners News, we offer a professional newspaper subscription service for customers in Sevenoaks.

We are proud to be a family run business with four generations of experience behind us. With many years working in the industry we know how to provide a newspaper delivery service that is not only professional but also reliable. We come highly recommended across the local area. We have a team of highly efficient and dedicated adult drivers carry out our daily newspaper rounds.

Our two delivery hub locations are based in Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne, which allows us to offer a wide spanning delivery radius across East Sussex and Kent, including Sevenoaks. Check today to see if we deliver to your address with our helpful postcode finder.

Garner News carry all the mainstream national newspapers, which includes: Daily Telegraph, The Times, i-Daily, Daily Express,  and the Daily Mail. We also carry a number of local titles, such as the Tunbridge Wells Courier, Eastbourne Herald, Westerham Chronicle & more. To request your local paper please get in touch. If you are looking for your favourite magazine title to be delivered in-conjunction with your newspaper we offer over 3000 titles.

8 Week Trial - New customers enjoy free delivery throughout your trial period. Call us today to start tomorrow.*

Why is a Newspaper Delivery Service Beneficial?

  • A physical paper allows you to enjoy a moment away from screens and technology, which are difficult to escape in these modern times.
  • Our delivery service is incredibly cost-effective and reliable.
  • An early morning delivery means your paper will be waiting for you when you wake up.
  • Newspapers cover a wide range of topics all in one place. Expand your knowledge and keep up with current affairs with a printed paper.

Get Started Today

Whatever the weather, rain or shine, our team will be in your area delivering your paper. For ease, we offer a simple direct debit payment system, so that once you've signed up you don't have to worry about a thing! To take a break for a holiday or period away please submit a holiday form at least 24 hours' prior.

For further details on our newspaper subscription service or if you would like to sign up please contact us. Give us a call on 01323 465511 or head to our sign up form to get started right away.

About Garners News

Established in 1926 by Horice Garner , Garners News began as a local newsagents located in Eastbourne. During this period Garners only delivered to the surrounding neighbourhood. Once World War II had started, Horice's son, Jack took over the shop and further expanded the delivery service. Then in 1981, Jack's son, Michael was running Garners News. By 2007, Michael retired and his son William took Garners. Will has transformed Garners News into the modern, multi-location newspaper delivery company it is today.

*To start next day please call before 1pm Monday-Friday.