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Newspaper Delivery Service East Dean

Newspaper Delivery Service in East Dean!

8 Weeks FREE Delivery Charge!

Welcome to Garners News. We take pride in offering a reliable early morning newspaper delivery in East Dean and across the surrounding areas of Kent and East Sussex. We are an experienced, local, family run business who provide an unfailing newspaper delivery service. Our deliveries are carried out by adult drivers, who will bring your paper come rain or shine.

Our newspaper come from our bases in Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells, and we then dispense them from both areas. This means that the newspapers will arrive at destinations near our HQs every morning. We provide deliveries in many towns including East Dean, Crockham Hill, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne and a variety of other towns and villages in the local areas.

We deliver a range of National newspapers, right to your home, including the Daily Express, the Daily Telegraph, The Times and the i-Daily. We can also provide delivery of your local newspaper (just contact us for further information on your local paper). If you would like to also have a magazine delivered, we can offer a selection of over 3,000 magazines.

We give 8 weeks FREE delivery to all our new customers. Call us today to start your delivery tomorrow*.

The Benefits of Having Your Paper Delivered:

  • You will have your newspaper at the beginning of your day, ready to read with breakfast, or on your commute.
  • Papers can remove the intensity of technology and offer a more enjoyable start to your day.
  • Newspaper deliveries are excellent value for money.
  • Getting a newspaper is a great way to access a summary of the world's events.

Would You Like a Newspaper Delivery in Sussex?

We are committed to a reliable service, and we will ensure that your newspaper is with you every morning. We also aim to make the service streamlined, so you simply set up a direct debit and then, if you know you'll be away, we have a simple holiday form to complete.

If you need any guidance about our newspaper deliveries, or would like further information, please contact us on 01323 465511 or complete our sign up form if you want your newspaper to be delivered as soon as possible.

The History of Our Business

Our beginnings start as far back as 1926, when we began as a newsagent, in South Street, Eastbourne. We were founded by Horice Garner, and his shop catered to the nearby area, and he made a few local deliveries. When World War II started, Horice's son, Jack, took the helm at the shop, and then Jack passed it on to his own son, Michael, in 1981. In 2007, Michael's son, William took the business on, and has been running it since then, along with skyrocketing it into the newspaper delivery company that it is now.

*Call before 1pm Monday-Friday, to guarantee start the next day.