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Deliver My Newspaper in Kent & East Sussex

8 Weeks FREE Delivery Trial! Newspapers Delivered to your Home or Business.

Welcome to Garners News, we offer a 'deliver my newspaper' service for customers across Kent and East Sussex.

We are a family run newspaper business offering a reliable and professional delivery service. With many years in the business, we are proud to be in our fourth generation. Which means we understand exactly what is required to offer a quality early morning delivery service. We have adult drivers carrying out our newspaper rounds efficiently.

Deliver My Newspaper

With delivery hubs based in Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne we offer a wide reaching newspapers and magazines delivery service. Spanning across a range of local areas, including: Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Eastbourne and across East Sussex and Kent.

Garner News carry all the national newspaper titles, including: Daily Telegraph, i-Daily, Daily Express, The Times and the Daily Mail. These can delivered alongside a number of local titles, such as the Tunbridge Wells Courier, Eastbourne Herald or Westerham Chronicle. We also offer a wide array of great magazine titles, with more than 3000 available to our customers. Get in touch to get your favourite newspaper and magazine titles delivered!

New customers can trial our "Deliver My Newspaper" services for 8 weeks - enjoy free delivery during your trial period. Call us today to start your delivery tomorrow!*

What are the Advantages of a Newspaper Service?
  • Newspapers offer a moment away from screens and technology in this modern day.
  • We offer a newspaper delivery service that is not only efficient but incredibly competitively priced.
  • Have your newspaper ready to read from the moment you wake up with our early morning service.
  • A printed paper is a great way to read about an array of topics. As well as, keep up to date on current affairs.
Start Your "Deliver My Newspaper" Service Today

Regardless of the weather outside, our team will be in your area making sure your daily paper is delivered. We keep the process hassle-free by setting up a simple direct debit for easy payment. We offer the option to take break from your delivery whilst away. Simply fill out our holiday form with at least 24 hours' notice.

For more information on our services please contact us today to enquire further or to sign up. You can also use our sign up form or give us a call on 01323 465511 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Garners Story...

Garners News started in 1926 as a local newsagents in South Street, Eastbourne, opened by Horice Garner. At this time Garners delivered to the close local neighbourhood. At the start of World War II, Horice's son, Jack took over and stepped up the delivery service. Then in 1981, Jack's son, Michael took over the reigns. In 2007, Michael's son William took over the runnings of Garners. Will expanded Garners into the modern multi-location newspaper delivery company it is today.

"What a brilliant service. Garners are friendly and so reliable. A wonderful treat to have the papers delivered. "

*For a guaranteed start the next day - call before 1pm Monday-Friday.